It’s Motherfucking Women’s Day

P.s That title should be sung to the tune of Kesha’s song “Woman” and if you do not get that reference I can’t be friends with you.

P.p.s Don’t worry (because I know you were), “Everyday I’m Supplmentin’ Prt 2” will be coming eventually, but I have been pretty busy and I am of the belief that writing a blog about anxiety should not give me anxiety.

Anyhow…. Happy International Women’s Day!!!! This year is somewhat momentous to me because this is the first time in a long time that I have felt like a STRONG ASS MOTHERFUCKING WOMAN.

I used to think I was strong because I was a fast (and very skinny) runner and captain of my collegiate team. I used to think I was strong because I was pursuing my masters in what some would consider an unconventional​ field. I used to think I was strong because I could drink more than guys but still run faster and be more successful​. I used to think those things, but I was wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I am proud of my accomplishments​ it’s just that being strong means something different to me now.

So lets fast forward. I have a sprained​ ankle and have gained (I kid you not) 50 pounds since college, so I am not fast. I am doing absolutely nothing with my fine arts degree and am in a ton of student loan debt. My binge drinking started getting in the way of my success and no longer made me seem cool. So many of my peers seem to have their​ shit together and I feel super behind.

But guess what? I’ve never felt stronger. Now I think I am strong because I am learning to love my body no matter what size it is. I think I am strong because I am not afraid to pursue a career outside of what I went to school for and for realizing it’s ok and empowering to realize you want to do something else with your life. I think I am strong because I identified my drinking was getting in the way of my success so I changed my habits. I think I am strong because even though I might feel behind every day​ I am striving to be a better version of myself and have learned to be happy for others success instead of envious.

All women are strong and for the longest time for some reason, ​I decided that discluded me. Sure I still have my “why me” moments, but I am so grateful to have so many other strong women in my life to help lift me back up​.

So cheers to being strong and having a vajay. It’s our day, let’s​ enjoy it.

❤ Sweeney

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